As a wedding photographer I cannot deny the importance of details in the look of a bride. The dress, shoes, accessories … everything counts to be a unique bride.

In today’s post we have the help of Mª Luisa Flores, Wedding Planner in Entre Tules. Mª Luisa loves her work and enjoys taking care of every part of the wedding she organizes without ignoring the small details. Wedding photographer and Wedding Planner come together to offer you the best alternatives to the veil. Do you want to know what they are?

If you are a modern bride and run away from the conventional, aim! These ideas are for you. The veil has that romantic, traditional air … but what if your thing is to break molds? Discover the most chic alternatives so you don’t go unnoticed!

1. A headband. Ideal for romantic brides and with a naïve dot. It combines perfectly with Greek air dresses, romantic and fluid. Perfect with loose hair or decorating a nice collected.

WIll Marsala Fotografia bodas madrid_0002_diadema

2. A spectacular headdress. Striking, modern and with a lot of personality. Ideal for the most chic and daring brides, who want to combine it with a simple dress. Perfect with a low pick, to look good. And if you don’t decide, you can always add a veil ;)

WIll Marsala Fotografia bodas madrid_0000_tocado

3. A brooch. It can be a family jewel, that brooch that you have seen so many times your grandmother, the gift of your mother-in-law’s request … It will give a touch of shine to your hairstyle and will be a “something old” with a lot of feeling behind. Perfect with all types of hairstyles: adorning a bun, holding a semi-collected … Ideal for brides with princess souls, sophisticated and elegant.

WIll Marsala Fotografia bodas madrid_0001_broche

4. A wreath of flowers. The most romantic and trendy alternative of all. They are a trend for all types of brides, especially for those who choose a boho-chic look and for the most romantic. You can opt for natural or preserved flowers, and there are countless colors, combinations, sizes … Ideal with loose hair or low hair.

WIll Marsala Fotografia bodas madrid_0003_corona de flores

And you? Do you dare to try something different?

About Mª Luisa and Entre Tules: we met Mª Luisa and Dani in person, the gear that composes Entre Tules in My Wedding Rocks and we connect with them instantly. Can there be something more beautiful than a couple that organizes weddings? Who better than them to put on the skin of the bride and groom? That is something that I know very well, since in addition to wedding photographer I have also been a boyfriend and I always put myself in the couple’s shoes when it comes to work. Entre Tules boys are specialists in creating unique weddings because, for them, each couple is unique. As happens to me as a wedding photographer, they want the personality of the bride and groom to be reflected in every detail of the link. For this, Mª Luisa tells us that the key is to listen to them and establish a relationship of trust that allows the couple to feel totally comfortable and calm on their wedding day. As Wedding Planners, the boys from Entre Tules enjoy helping the bride and groom who do not have time to organize their wedding and bet on different and creative weddings. You can take a look at his work on his website.

Thank you Mª Luisa for sharing such a beautiful job and for advising our girlfriends in today’s post!