Hi all, my name is Will.

Ever since my first communion in 1995, when my aunt Mato gave me my first camera (thanks auntie, you changed my life!) and the abstract photos that followed, which cost my parents a fortune developing tons of camera rolls, I knew that - with enough practice - I was here to stay.

Eventually, things took shape and I started in the movie making business as well as publicity where I learned the trade of still photography.


Then Ana came into my life

She was a dream come true and the woman who gives meaning to my life. We got married and had our daughter Paula (we can't get enough chocolate ice cream!).

Our wedding was so much fun and special that I told myself that "being a wedding photographer has to be the coolest job in the world". I tried, I loved it and now I am sure that I made the right choice.


It is not only about taking great pictures

It is also about connections. As with most things in life, the key to success is to enjoy what you do - and frankly, photography, just like my girls, fuel my life.

The guests refer to me as Will, and not as "the photographer".. There must be a reason to it and I love it!


If we talk about my imagery..

They show cheerfulness, spontaneity, good times and people in love with life! All this is reflected in unique moments that will not happen again. Long gone are the days when stiff portraits were the norm in weddings.

My criteria is that pictures have to reflect what you are and what you feel. And remember the greatest party of your life! The result of doing what I love is reflected in the reviews of the newly weds as well as of the guests.

My evolution

It’s common and flattering to hear “I wish I had known you for my wedding!”.

About 90% of the couples that hire me do so by recommendation of other couples that trusted me.

On the other hand, all these years of hard work have been rewarded by being member of the prestigious international wedding photography group FEARLESS.

If you’re thinking about having me as your wedding photographer, I’d be delighted to inform of my services. Currently, I live in Madrid but I shoot worldwide as destination photographer.

Let´s chat and…