A few weeks ago we were doing the post-wedding of Aroa and Raúl in Lisbon and we couldn’t fall in love with that beautiful city anymore. From its people, the romanticism and melancholy that its facades and streets give off.

We had a great time with them and very soon you can see the photos of this romantic post-wedding session on the web.

Today we want to leave you a gift. So we are going to leave you a Portuguese Fado, but first we will explain briefly what it is.

For those of you who don’t know, a Fado is typical Portuguese music. In Fado the bad moments of life are expressed through singing. It is usually sung by a single person, accompanied by the viola and the Portuguese guitar. The most sung songs in fado are melancholy, nostalgia or small stories of the daily living of the humble neighborhoods.

“Fado was born one day
When the wind barely stirred
And the sky the sea prolonged
The lane of a sailboat
A sailor’s chest
Being that sad song

Oh, how nice!
My land, my luck my valley
The leaves, flowers, golden fruits
See if you see the land of Spain
Sands of Portugal
Look at the blind man crying

In the mouth of a sailor
In a fragile sailboat
Singing the damage song
He says the sting of desires
With the lip burned with kisses
Kissing the air and nothing else

Goodbye mother, goodbye Maria
Keep your sense well
Here I take an oath
I take you to the sacristy
Or was it God who served himself?
Give me the burial in the sea

And behold, although another day
When the wind burned
And the sky the sea prolonged
The bow of another sailboat
I watched another sailor
Being that sad song “

Dulce Pontes.

Note: Sorry for the translation. We have translated it directly from Portuguese. We hope you liked this beautiful Fado by Dulce Pontes.