The friends: those people who know everything about you, who know you almost more than yourself and who are in the best and in your worst moments. Supporting you, listening to you, advising you, laughing with you and even occasionally throwing a fight for you to return to your lane when they see you go without brakes and you are derailing. Those who are your sisters, not because they have touched you, but because you have chosen them. Those who cry when you cry and who are the happiest in the world when life smiles at you.

amigas de Paula en la boda dandose un abrazo

And there is nothing that more illusion can do to a friend than to see you in love and happy.

And the time comes. That moment when your boyfriend prepares something special and asks you to marry him. That same moment when you can get the emotion and all you think about all the time is telling all the details to your friends. Those who intuited before you that this moment was going to come and not too late. What did they tell you, get pretty! and they repeated to you: today is going to be a great day.

amigas de Paula dandole un abrazo a la novia

And they help you, they help you in all the wedding preparations. Your friend is getting married! So in a way it is as if they were preparing their own wedding. They live it with the same enthusiasm and intensity as you and enjoy every moment they share with you.

foto de los pies de las invitadas en la boda

And it also arrives, the most desired day arrives. The wedding day. And they cannot be missing, they are in your house helping you to change. They give you the thousand hugs you might need and you see them smile when they look at you and their eyes shine to see you so beautiful and beautiful. They see you happy, especially happy. Then in the first rows they will be and in the Mass something they will recite. Those friends who can’t help it and don’t stop crying with emotion and happiness.

amiga de Paula llorando en una boda de emoción

That then without a doubt all together you will toast and dance without resting.

foto de las amigas brindando en la boda