A few weeks ago, Will Marsala did an interview for My Wed. Today we want to reproduce a part of the interview so that you know Will a little more and that in addition to knowing his work as a wedding photographer, you can contemplate a little more his personality and what he thinks as a professional.

novios besándose en pose romántica en el salón de su boda

How did you get to the wedding photography sector?

At my own wedding, I had a scary time, and putting it together with my passion for photography, I tried it and I loved it … and people pay me for it!

In your opinion, what are the most important elements of a good photograph?

A good photograph is one that the bride and groom put on their WhatsApp and do not take it away in years and years.

Likes to travel?

Too much, now that I am a father (for 2 years) I miss it a little more, but queues will return in airport security!

What do you like most about your profession?

The joy of a wedding is not a better job. people are predisposed to have a great time, put on their best clothes and are looking forward to haha haha everything is easy, beautiful and grateful.

What do you like least about your profession?

The concept that we must impress other photographers rather than impress our boyfriends. I do not receive.

What will be the future of wedding photography?

Thanks to social networks, people increasingly give more importance to photos. And that is wonderful. In addition, as there are more and more mobile phones and cameras at weddings, the industry can not settle for “normal” photos must be justified more and more because we are so necessary.

What is special in wedding photography?

I find special those weddings where family and friends meet who have not seen each other in years and take advantage of that day to get excited, toast together and to give everything at the party

How do you manage criticism?

The criticism may come from photographers who do not know you personally, from those who do know you and have confidence with them, the general public and the clients themselves. Photographers who do not know me personally, do not usually criticize me, and I would love to have them do it, but not the sugar coating that is said outside, but they stick you. The perfect photo does not exist. The photographers friends, I ask you to put cane. It is the only way to progress. I take it very well, although I do not always pay attention, because within those opinions, you may or may not agree. As for the general public, the reviews are almost always good. My own boyfriends do not criticize me (or I do not remember it) since they are usually very happy with the result. And the photos are put on the Whatsapp 🙂

Is there a trend in wedding photography?

With the cameras getting smaller and faster, we can take photos very discreetly, without using flash, so the stolen ones, and therefore the documentary will increasingly go to more.

What should be the criteria of brides and grooms when choosing the photographer of their wedding?

No doubt the feeling that the photos and the photographer give them. Let them put themselves in the place of the bride in the pictures and imagine if they would like to have those kind of photos.

What is not allowed in any way when taking a picture?

Nothing, the wedding belongs to the bride and groom, not mine. I make recommendations so that the photos come out like those I have taught you, but I am nobody to impose anything!

What aspects is the wedding photographer able to capture that non-expert people cannot see normally?

Just as I don’t know how to make spreadsheets or cement a dam, we are able to see beyond. Look for lights, textures, geometries … you can see them clearly, but they still don’t know as much as getting them partico

What influences the value of a photograph? What are its elements?

The light, the location, the attitude of the couple, the technique and the final credibility, that everything makes sense.